Happy New Year!

Heading into the new year often sparks reflection and thoughts of examining our spaces and habits – do they still serve us? Are there changes we might make to improve workflow, access, inspiration? There are plenty of opportunities to make big or small changes in our sewing spaces that help make it easier to do what we love – create!

A personal favourite of mine is the annual Just Get It Done Quilts Declutter Challenge – going into its 3rd (I think) year Karen Brown sets small, manageable challenges each day for 21 days in January. No pressure to get everything done ‘on time’ or ‘in order’ – just some great suggestions to sort your space and make it more the way you want it to be.

After all it is so hard to truly enjoy playing with your fabric stash if you can’t find what you are looking for, can’t find a flat place to work or have to put everything away each time you stop to make supper. Have a look at your sewing space, and any other space that isn’t serving you the best it can – sometimes one small change will make all the difference.